Vallejo Art Walk is a monthly celebration of the arts, held in the Downtown Arts District of Vallejo, California. The event was founded in February of 2014 by The Vallejo Arts Alliance, local artist Sean Murdock, and a small group of dedicated vendors. It is held on the second Friday of each month, rain or shine. It is not officially an event, but a group of people who open and set up on the same night to show off their talent. Most locations are in the central core of the downtown and very walkable, but a few are spread out a few blocks in each direction.

Vallejo has seen a surge of artists and creatives moving into the area. The art walk is an event to celebrate and encourage the growth of this culture. Without sales of art nobody can build a career in the arts or stay in one area too long. So it is you who will keep this event happening.

We want this art walk to be a level playing field for every artist to shine and meet their fans one on one, without galleries or cities getting between them for that one night a month. No commissions to pay, no certain image to uphold. No one but the buyer and the artist setting the mood.

Check out the map to see which galleries and locations are participating. Artists will be set up on the sidewalks as well as in local businesses. Keep checking in for more info as it is updated.