Get Involved


Outside:  There is no fee for artists. Setup time is approximately 3-5pm. The Vallejo Art Walk starts at 5pm rain or shine all year long. The Vallejo Art Walk takes place all over the downtown but the epicenter is at Georgia and Marin streets. The curbside areas outside of The Hub Community Art center is moderated by the Hub, and you can reserve a space in that area by contacting them directly at

Other sidewalk spaces are open to artists on a first come first serve basis. You are responsible for your own taxes, license, anything your business needs. We don’t check this stuff so its up to you if you have it or not.

Want to be a part of a show at one of the spaces?  Go ask, if its a private gallery or space they can give you all of the details. For general information on the event contact us and we can answer any questions.